Nile’s Vibes

If you are any kind of college football fan at all, you know there are lots of teams out there with traditions involving touching some object just before the game begins.  At Notre Dame, there is the ritual of each player hitting the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign outside the locker room.  At Michigan, players leap and touch the “Go Blue” banner always hoisted inside the Big House.  There are far too many of those traditions to mention.  Besides, I’d have to do research.  And since this is my blog, I’m not doing any research unless I feel like it.  And, I could post pictures of the 2 examples I mentioned, but I didn’t take any of those pictures and this blog features only pictures that I took!

Where am I going with this?  Well, ever since the U of I remodeled Kinnick with the re-designed south end zone section, the new press box, and the Krause Family Plaza complete with the awesome, larger than life statue of the stadium’s namesake, Nile Kinnick, one of the top game day traditions is watching the team and coaches depart the busses and head for the locker room.  Along the way, they are greeted by thousands of fans lining the entrance to the stadium to catch a glimpse of players and coaching touching the bronzed helmet of Nile.  Here are some favorite players getting some love.  Go ahead and click on ’em.

The bronzed Nile Kinnick oversees all the game day festivities

There could be a statue of you here some day, Marvin McNutt

What will you slap at Stony Brook, Marcus Coker? Wait, that didn't come out right.

You won't get to do this in Miami, Coach O'Keefe

Coach Kirk Ferentz


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