Hawkeye Homecoming

Jared De Vries attends the Northwestern game at Kinnick in 2011

You don’t always know what former Hawks will show up at Kinnick.  In 2011, during the Northwestern game, 3 former Hawkeyes joined us under the lights.  Ricky Stanzi, Jared De Vries, and Casey Wiegmann were all back.  Here are a few shots during the pre game warmups.  Go ahead and click on ’em…

Yes, Ricky. I do see the size of that lens behind you. I want one, too.

Here, Ricky is talking with fellow KC Chief and former Hawk Casey Wiegmann. Sorry I did not get a better shot of Casey. The future OL Hawkeye he is holding is looking sharp, though.

I love it when the guys talk to the kids. I think Jared played for the worst 15 years in the Detroit Lions franchise history. Too bad he couldn’t have had some of the company playing for them now, huh?


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