Interesting Fans

If you’ve ever been to Kinnick on game Day, you can rest assured you will see plenty of striped overalls, tasteless t-shirts, tasteful food, and a wide array of human shapes, sizes, socio-economic status from all walks of life. Here are a few of the more memorable in-game shots from this wide array of possibilities.

This guy decided to speak for all 70,000+ fans in Kinnick during the Indiana game and express his obvious displeasure with the officiating. Here, he is giving his best ESPN Monday Night Football "C'Mon Man!!" shoutout.

A final yell to the admiring crowd before the all expense paid trip downtown ensues. The tune from Anheuser-Busch's "real Men of Genius" should be queued here.


Perhaps I should have a "Name That Caption" contest. Here is an example of the aforementioned striped overalls. Did you know these cost over 50 bucks?


Boiler Up! Oh, wait. Sorry, wrong team.

This is what college football is all about, folks.

Seriously. Can those kids be having any more fun? Not unless that nacho-pizza-hotdog-induced acid reflux begins to flare.

Beach balls are the norm in Kinnick 138. Blow up dolls are the inflatable object of choice in the student section across the way.

Man, er... Woman, er... Doll Overboard!! Remember when pig heads used to come from the student section? Who says the times are getting worse?

Here are a couple of Pitt fans that don't look like the long drive bothered them much. Sorry to say they witnessed the wrong end of the greatest comeback in Hawkeye football history.


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