Iowa Hawkeye Spring Game 2014 Pic Parade


Iowa Hawkeye fans gathered en masse to check out the Spring edition of Hawkeye football on a beautiful late April Saturday.  I don’t think anyone could’ve left disappointed with what they saw on the field or with the weather.  More likely, most left with a very enthusiastic attitude because of what seems to be newfound depth in the offensive skill positions.  Plus, it’s always fun to see new faces, especially when the become key contributors. The star of the day was clearly Derrick Willies, redshirt freshman WR, who sliced the defensive secondary for a long TD catch and run.  Fans also got to see a lot of No. 2 QB CJ Beathard with the first team offense.  It’s possible that the Hawkeyes are toying with a 2 QB system, which would keep opposing defenses guessing – something Hawk fans will also applaud.  Personally, I am just thankful that we have what seems to be many options to go to – whether its running the ball, passing the ball, or catching the ball.  The only turnover of the day I can recall was the Desmond King pick from an under thrown Beathard pass.  From my amateur eye, the defense also played well.  They didn’t give up the big rushing play, but were certainly challenged on the passing plays.  Jordan Lomax felt the steamroller from TE Ray Hamilton allowing Hamilton to pick up significant yards after catch resulting in a touchdown at the north end of the field.

Here is a folio of images I captured from the day.  Click on any for a larger view.

I’ll be posting some shots I took of key plays, as well, so keep checking back.  Go Hawks!



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