Picture Perfect Popularity

Hello again Hawkeye fans,

Thanks again to my followers for inspiring me to be different. This newfound technique I have learned to enhance my photographs and the popularity of them has really been an overwhelming surprise. Just 10 days ago I wasn’t even aware of a technique to do this, but I also never thought I would want to enhance or recompose any of my images. Throw away? Yes! Digitally repurpose? Never! I had always strived to get the most perfectly exposed, crisp shots I could possibly take to create the most realistic image possible. While striving for a high quality shot is still essential to the final product, I have learned how to create a new emotion in these images. Although I have literally stumbled onto this process, the response has been fantastic and I have even had personal requests from former Hawkeyes and current NFL players to “do them”. It seems they like to see what they would really look like as a video game character! Who can say no to that?

Here are a few more of my most recent images I have produced from the shots I have taken.








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