Hawkeyes Will Win Today: This Year Is Different and the Iowa-Nebraska Rivalry Begins Today

An 8-4 record is in our sights, Hawk fans.

I really don’t think I’m just being a homer.  I don’t think I’m a homer because I’m really not all that sold on this Hawkeye squad.  Don’t get me wrong.  As a fan, this season has been way more fun that last season.  We know that we can hang with anyone.  We just also know that disaster looms and you can feel when it’s coming.  But, 3 weeks ago, during the Hawks second bye week, I watched Michigan play Northwestern, and I watched Nebraska play Michigan State.  And I could see how realistic our chances were, impending disaster and all, that we could beat both of those teams and finish with an 8-4 record.  Without batting an eye, I think the Hawkeyes are winners today.  I really think it’s going to come down to this: The Hawkeyes are going to be more relaxed than the Huskers and will be able to execute their game plan.  The Hawks have simply played better on the road all season.  They dominated Minnesota in Minneapolis, dominated Iowa State in Ames, dominated the Buckeyes in Columbus for 3 quarters, and dominated Purdue in West Lafayette. I just think they are more relaxed away from Kinnick, where they seem to feel the weight of 70,000 fans on their shoulders.  Instead they’ll have the volume of the Memorial Stadium crown in their eardrums, but I think they’ll be able to overcome it.  That noise just gets the juices flowing.  Especially when we score a touchdown on our first possession.  Enjoy some pictures I shot that illustrate the key differences from last year’s game to this year.  GO HAWKS!


Abdullah played most of the first half last year and the Hawkeye D did a good job of containing him. No reason to think we won’t this year, too.


Morris had a big day against Nebraska last year. No reason to think this year won’t be any different.


James Vandenberg scored a touchdown against the Blasckshirts last year. Guys, if James Vandenberg could score against Nebraska, don’t you think Jake Rudock and his read option will?


Husker QB Taylor Martinez is still injured and won’t play today. Ron Kellogg has not had James Morris breathing down his back. This has to play in our favor.


Can you imagine the fan outcry in Lincoln on Bo Pelini if the Hawkeyes rush the field at the end of the game and carry that trophy out of Memorial Stadium?


Rex Burkhead was the difference maker for Nebraska last year against the Hawks. He did not play in the first half last year. The Huskers were a completely different animal with him in the lineup. He’s gone. It will be up to Kenny Bell to be the difference maker.

The Heroes Trophy is on the line for the Hawkeyes against Nebraska.  The Hawkeyes have never possessed this hardware.  Today, they will.

The Heroes Trophy is on the line for the Hawkeyes against Nebraska. The Hawkeyes have never possessed this hardware. Today, they will.


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