Iowa-NW Wrap: Bullock TD Pictorial

I’m just about to close the book on the Hawkeyes dramatic overtime 17-10 win versus Northwestern.  I’m going to share a series of pictures here, and then provide my picture of the week.

For this post, let’s look at the opening drive highlighted by the Damon Bulllock burst to the end zone.  I did a continuos exposure on the final play of the drive.  After reviewing my shots, I noticed some of the intricacies of the game that usually go unnoticed.  In the slide sequence keep your eyes on NW DB campbell (24) and Hawkeye FB Adam Cox (38). Campbell was fixated on CJ Fiedorowicz, and Cox was fixated on the right blocks to spring Damon for 6 points.  This is a slideshow and I’m sorry if it doesn’t project on your mobile device.  So, with that, here we go:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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