Week 5: Hawkeye – Gopher Game Action in Pics

I had great seats at TCF Bank Stadium for the Iowa-Minnesota game on Saturday which provided me the opportunity to take some decent game photos.  Shhhh….I almost filled a 8Gb card.  I’m still cycling thru some shots, but here is a sample set from one of my hosting sites.  I’ve uploaded 24 shots so far (Click hyperlink for a Lightbox slideshow) of the game action.

James Morris running through a hole

James Morris stuffs the QB at the line of scrimmage

BJ Lowery blows up this pass play

Jake Rudock launches a pass in the 4th Quarter


Jake Rudock offers the ball to Mark Weisman

This was my first visit to the new stadium in Gopherland.  I must say, I was very impressed with the venue.  It is a beautiful place to watch Hawks play Whack-a-Gopher.  If you didn’t know, you all have the opportunity to go back next year, thanks to B1G expansion and the joys of scheduling that go along with it.

Go Hawks!


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