Week 4: All Cylinders Fire – Iowa 59, Western Michigan 3

As you know, I am capable of making a typo.  This is not a typo:  59-3.

Finally, the Hawkeyes put together a complete game masterpiece where everything clicked. And I mean everything.

Let’s see :

  • Kevonte Martin-Manley returns 2 punts for touchdowns and has another 83-yarder
  • BJ Lowery returns 2 interceptions for touchdowns
  • The running game was solid
  • There were a minimal number of dropped passes
  • No big plays surrendered by the defense
  • The No 2 QB, CJ Beathard gets to play some significant minutes and there is no drop off whatsoever
  • WR Damond Powell gets his first touchdown as a Hawkeye
  • And on, and on, and on.

59-3 and the killer instinct appears. It did take a little while for the pot to get to the boiling point. I have to admit feeling a little antsy throughout the first quarter. But once the onslaught began, there was no letting up. This is exactly what we’ve been wanting to see for a long time. Now, the test is to keep that momentum and carry it through to Minneapolis next week and beyond. I think this is the kind of game the Hawks needed to raise their confidence and to give themselves something significant to build on.  You could wonder: was Iowa really this good or was Western Michigan really this bad?  Let’s just see what happens from here.  This was fun.

Here are some of the scenes I was able to capture from this game day.  Hover over the picture for a caption, or click for a large view film roll.

I’ll bring you some additional shot sequences throughout the week of some of the key plays.  Then we’ll get set for the battle of Floyd of Rosedale as the Hawkeyes travel to Minnesota next week.  I’ll be there!



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