Pictorial and Thoughts: Iowa vs. NIU

This is the interception that sealed the set up the game winning field goal for the Huskies.

This is the interception that set up the game winning field goal for the Huskies.

You will have to excuse me.  This one took me a while.  If I would’ve compiled my photos and written a post Saturday night after that sucker punch of a loss against Northern Illinois I would’ve done nothing but found all the negatives in the complete experience of the opening of the football season at Kinnick.  I can’t say that I wont do that, because there are a lot of negatives but, really, for 3-3/4 quarters it was a pretty fun day.  Then, that stinger of an interception that sealed the deal long before the winning NIU field goal.  You know the feeling.  The feeling when you know that 7th straight loss is now at hand.  The good feeling from the last win at Kinnick against Minnesota last September is a distant memory.

My take-aways from the whole day are:

  • It was hot, but I’ve been hotter.
  • I “smelled a rat” when the “Swarm” did not execute as we’re all so accustomed to.  What was that long delay in the tunnel all about?
  • That $9MM Video  Score Ad Board has stunning graphics but is so laden with advertisements that you can’t even read the stats from my view from section 138, when the game stats were actually working.
  • The new dual video and ribbon display was very aesthetically pleasing as a structure, although not sure what the fans in the south stands would say about its quality of enhancing the game experience.
  • Jake Rudock is probably very worthy of being the Hawkeyes starting QB.  He seemed comfortable in all situations of the game.  He does seem to telegraph his target a bit.  But, I’m sure he’ll get coached through that this week. No one would like that last play back more than him, I’m sure.  For now, I’m a Rudock supporter.
  • I was happy with the way the defense played overall.  I thought Jordan Lomax did a heck of a job in coverage as  a new starter in the backfield.
  • Mark Weismann looked like a big time football player, whether he was rushing or blocking.
  • I do not know how you don’t have Damond Powell in as a receiver in the 4th quarter of a game like that.  In the few plays he did get to make, he made the plays and was clearly in front of his defender every time.

Here are a few shots I took from the day.  hover your pointer over a picture will give you a caption.  Clicking on a photo will open the gallery for full screen scrolling.  More to come later.  I need another tums.


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