The SEASON IS HERE! Might as well spruce up the place…

Thanks to all my followers, I’m going to give this blog another run this season.  I have re-designed the viewing experience and, hopefully, it shows.  Since I thoroughly enjoy photography and Hawkeye football, and that is my reason for doing this, I am giving my blog a facelift to showcase the imagery.  I mean, since the Hawkeyes have a revamped offense (right?) and we’ve got that new HD video technology inside Kinnick, I might as well follow suit.  Gosh, I hope this works!


Here’s what I have in store for the blog and you this season.  Of course, it’s all dependent on the quality of the photographic content I am able to muster (yikes!).  After all, no one is paying me for this gig, I don’t have a free roaming ticket or sideline pass, and I can’t prevent people from standing up in front of me.  Nonetheless:

  • By Wednesday, I’ll aim to have a weekly pictorial preview of the upcoming game, and away if I’m fortunate enough to go (hello, Goldie, you varmint).  I’m doing this because my football knowledge knows no boundaries.  Did I really just say that? Yeah.  Let’s just say I know I have a platform and I can use it.
  • On home game Saturday evening: post game pictorial wrap-up, and if I’m (you’re) lucky, the game winning score photograph shot from the sweat-wedgied coziness of Section 138.  (Note to Coach Ferentz, reserve all game winners for the north end zone, please.  Thanks.)
  • On home game Sunday: Top shots of the game accompanied by my own hyped-up and typed-up regurgitation of the Saturday night call-in shows.  No, not really – there is indeed only one Tommy.
  • Monday: Pic of the Game and ceremonial flush!
  • Then we’ll do it all over again.

As the season progresses, I hope to incorporate some other multimedia/pictorial ideas.  Already, you can pull this glorious content to your mobile Flipboard app.  Just download the Flipboard app on your mobile iOS or Android device and search for the magazine “The View from Kinnick 138”.  As I said, I hope to get more creative with the content delivery.  But, that will require wins, baby.  The more wins, the more followers, the more time I’ll put into it.

You will love what's on the other side of this wall!

You will love what’s on the other side of this wall!

So, for the rest of this week, I’ll keep counting down the week til kickoff, as I have for the past 26 days.  On Friday, I will provide all 30 countdown pics in a single post in case you missed any of these doozies.  So, tell your friends and open up that checkbook!  Then close that checkbook, because there’s nothing for sale here – yet!

All the images are clickable, and hovering your mouse over them will sometimes yield a caption, unless it’s already visible.  I’d love to hear from you and hope you get some enjoyment out of what I do!

“It’s great to be a Hawkeye!”



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