Touchdown Sequence: Cody Sokol to Jordan Cotton

Nothing like being in the perfect position.  Sitting in the south endzone I could see the plays coming right at me last night during the Kid’s Day scrimmage at Kinnick Stadium.  I could also see the battles at the key positions occurring and that was fun to watch.  While Jake Rudock is reported to be the likely No. 1 QB, I would have to take exception to that based on who made the key plays.  From my amateur vantage point, he seemed like the likely No. 3.  I would have to give the starting nod to CJ Beathard, with Cody Sokol No. 2 and Rudock the 3.  I’m sure I’m wrong.

Here is a photo sequence I captured of Jordan Cotton’s touchdown grab over Jordan Lomax.  Lomax covered well, as you can see.  But, Cotton made the play and carded the 6.  Sokol threw the pass and had the nice touch.  If this play would’ve happened during a live game, it would have been reviewed.  However, check Cotton’s foot on the second shot, landing just inside the stripe.


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