Zach Johnson Classic

In honor of it being Master’s Week I am reblogging a post I did of Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s own Zach Johnson. This post is full of shots I took of Zach last year at his Foundation Classic event and blogged about it on my general photography blog. Not only is Zach at the top of his game, a great man, and a former Master’s Champion, he is also an avid fan of the Hawkeyes. Pull for Zach this week at Augusta!

Webcentrick's PhotoBlog

I had the privilege of attending the Zach Johnson Foundation Classic in July this year. Who is Zach Johnson? Well, he is a professional golfer on the PGA tour and just happens to be the 2007 Masters champion. When he came from nowhere and won the Masters that year, he humbly said to the throngs of media that he was just a normal guy from Cedar Rapids, IA. Since then, Zach has gone on to win multiple PGA tournaments, most recently the John Deere Classic held just 2 weeks before his own foundation Classic this year. I was there at TPC Deere Run on the tournaments closing Sunday, and saw him win in dramatic sudden death playoff fashion. Unfortunately, my camera was not because the PGA doesn’t allow that. But Zach’s foundation graciously allowed cameras at the ZJF Classic, so I’d like to share some images I shot from that…

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