Adios Greg Garmon


True Freshman RB Greg Garmon has decided to hang up his Tiger Hawk and give it a go with another university.  Last week, Garmon announced his intentions to transfer to another school and call his career with the Iowa Hawkeyes over.  He said he “just didn’t click” at Iowa.  He might not have “clicked.”  But, I did.  With my shutter, that is.


In addition to the above, here are some shots I took of Garmon decked out in the black and gold.

GarmonRunNebr GarmonRedWall GarmonSpin GarmonRushNeb1 GarmonRushNeb2 GarmonScrimmage3

Garmon, from Erie, PA, arrived at Iowa with a questionable record with a possession of marijuana charge against him in June 2012.  He seemed to be a model teammate once he arrived on campus.

In his one and only season as an Iowa Hawkeye, Greg Garmon appeared in 9 games according to statistics tracked by  He was an all purpose weapon in his Freshman season amassing 297 total yards.  He carried the ball 38 times for 122 yards.  Garmon never scored a touchdown during his time at Iowa.


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