Fake Handoff Pictorial

I watched this play Purdue ran what seemed to be a hundred times last Saturday.  As I’ve said before, I’ve never played a down of organized football in my life, but I have watched an awful lot of it.  I’ll admit, I do spend a lot of time watching the lines and routes and not the ball, so maybe all teams go to this length with the football on a fake handoff, but I’ve never noticed it like this before.  I kept thinking that Purdue would cough up the football just because when they fake the handoff, the handoff is so deep it’s almost as if the QB gives the ball to the RB, then the RB gives it back.  Seems like a risky play to me with that oblong ball.  And, no.  I don’t mean a flea flicker.  Here, let me show you what I am talking about in this series of clickable shots I took during a single play from Purdue against the Hawkeyes:

In this shot, Purdue backup QB Rob Henry (15) hands the ball off to RB Ralph Bolden (23).

Bolden has the ball firmly in his grasp…

Then, suddenly, Henry takes the ball back and heads upfield.

I do know that opposing teams go to great lengths to allow the QB to run against Iowa.  It seems to work more often than not.  Let’s hope the defense can keep Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson bottled up tomorrow and keep us in the game against Michigan.


Go Hawks!




One thought on “Fake Handoff Pictorial

  1. This read option play can be maddening to watch as it rarely seems to pick up any big yardage. It is interesting from a standpoint of communication. These two really have to be in synch to avoid a turnover.

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