Top Shots: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Purdue Boilermakers

I had an unlikely vantage point inside Kinnick Stadium on Saturday.  I was not seated in my usual seat in Section 138.  Instead we were grateful for some no-shows whose seats were right on the 50 yard line and 4 rows up from the Hawkeye bench.  I usually stand around that location during pre-game warmpus in order to get some nice closeup views and did so again on Saturday.  This time, it seemed to take forever for Kinnick to fill up.  So, we took our chances and decided to stay for a while.  As the Hawkeye Marching Band took the field for pre-game, I would guess Kinnick was only 20 percent capacity.  Even during the coin toss, I would bet Kinnick was only 75 percent full.  So, as luck would have it, we never had to move.

As a result, here are some of the top shots I captured during the game.  The only thing that would made these turn out better would’ve been a win, of course.  With the bright sunshine streaming onto the field, I had the perfect photographic situation for football.

As always, click for a full screen view or an opportunity to buy some prints of your favorite shots.  Enjoy!

Jordan Cotton takes the opening kick for the Hawks as Tevaun Smith goes for the block.

TE Zach Berby gets a stiff arm to gain positive yardage.

Hawkeye DB Tanner Miller makes the tackle on Ralph Bolden.

Need a desktop wallpaper?

RB Damon Bullock provides a spark on this play, running right for the touchdown.

Check out the eyes on Gary Bush as he tries to elude Hawkeye CB Micah Hyde.


Hawkeye DL Steve Bigach gets penetration and applies some much needed pressure on QB Robert Marve.

More to come soon! Go Hawks!





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