Hope Floats: Purdue 27, Iowa 24

Danny Hope and Kirk Ferentz exchanging pleasantries prior to kickoff.

There is still hope for Danny Hope.  However, Iowa’s hopes for a bowl game, took another crushing blow.

4 in a row.  Hawkeye fans are accustomed to 4 in a row.  4 wins in a row, that is.  Well, this day marks 4 losses in a row.  4 B1G Conference game losses in a row for the first time since 1999, which was early in Kirk Ferentz’s tenure at Iowa.  Iowa trailed most of the game but it was never out of reach, although with this offense, a 10-point deficit seems like a major mountain to climb.  Iowa knotted the game at 24 on a field goal late in the 4th quarter, then sputtered by attempting to go for it on 4th and 3 instead of attempting a 41 yard FG into the breeze.  Of course, the Hawkeyes chose to complete a 1 yard pass on that 4th and 3 try.  How many times have we seen this Greg Davis-engineered offense run a play where most passing routes never cross the first down marker?  It would probably be a tossup when comparing that scenario to the number of dropped balls that killed drives.  Whatever the scenario, the number is countless.

Here is the pass from James Vandenberg on 4th down with 3 to go with about 21 seconds left in the game. Note Keenan Davis at the top right of the shot, which looks like his route is beyond the 1st down marker and a clean passing lane in that direction for a comeback route.

Instead the pass goes to a well covered Zach Derby whose route does not cross the 3 yard distance and is completed for only a 1 yard gain.


So, here are some additional shots I was able to capture from the action inside Kinnick today.  My vantage point today was from the 50 yard line, a mere 4 rows up from the Hawkeye bench.  I’ve never sat there before.  The experience was awesome even though we came up short on the scorecard.  Thanks to the no-shows for making them available for me and my Kinnick-rookie neighbors Don and Eli.  I captured a lot of new scenes from that vantage point.  Enjoy the shots.  More to come throughout this week.


Jordan Cotton takes the games opening kick as Tevaun Smith prepares to make his block.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the crowd at Kinnick is treated to a flyover across the bright blue skies. The weather was 70 degrees and sunny at kickoff.


Steve Bigach (54) forces a fumble which the Hawkeyes recover.

Hey, now. This looks like a “personal foul” to me.

Last year I coached in the Super Bowl.  Here is when a picture is worth a few choice words….

Coach Darrell Wilson congratulates Micah Hyde on his fumble recovery for a touchdown.


Freshman WR Tevaun Smith saw a lot of action in the game for the Hawkeyes. He makes a nice grab here.

You Hawk fans know what that is. That’s Kirk’s naughty card. The naughty card got a workout today. More on that in an upcoming post….


Purdue QB Robert Marve makes a throw here, coming right at you.

When a picture is worth a few more choice words, Part 2. These choice words were aimed right at the DBs.


14 seconds was all Purdue needed to move within field goal range. The Hawkeye defense gave up a lot of yardage quickly in the final drive. With 2 seconds left, the kick was up….

….and good. Boiler up. Beaks down.





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