Rivalry Week! Wait. Really?

It’s finally here Hawkeye Fans.  It’s Purdue Week.  You know, the Boilermakers from West Lafayette?  The Purdue Boilermakers, of course our B1G-mandated rival.  This Purdue cross-division rivalry instead of those pesky Badgers from Madison or those cheating Illini from Champaign.  I don’t know.  I can accept things pretty easily – especially this year when we need a winnable game.  Who will ever forget that Iowa-Purdue game at Kinnick in 2002, with that kid named Dallas Clark and that other guy named Brad Banks hooking up for the final drive game-winning touchdown.  That year both programs were up, this year not so much.

This rivalry has no corresponding trophy.  There’s no bucket, or pig, or ax, or any of that nonsense.  No, but there might be Hope.  Then again, there might not be much of that either.  But hey, at least we’ll get to see those snazzy silver helmets amongst those pro-combat uniforms that we’ve been hearing about since the media blitz in August.

This year against Iowa State, the Hawkeyes came to play in these throwback uniforms from 1921-22. Against Purdue, Iowa will sport pro-combat style uniforms with rumored silver helmets.

All that fun rivalry stuff aside, here are some shots I’ve taken this year of some players I’d like to see big things from this game.  It should be no secret I’m keeping most of the theme of the shots on the offensive side of the ball.  We need a strong offensive performance against Purdue.

We need a big game from this big target, TE CJ Fiedorowicz.  I’d also like to see more yards after contact from this guy.  He needs a little more of that Weisman desire to come through.

This goes without saying, but we need a big game from James Vandenberg. Who’s that over your shoulders, James?

We need fewer dropped balls. Especially balls in the end zone. I think I saw in a tweet last week, the Hawkeyes have had 30 dropped passes this year. Honestly, it seems like twice that number.


It will be a BLACKOUT in Kinnick On Saturday!  Go Hawks!

Boiler up!



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