Pre-Game Post: Indiana’s Next

Today its Indiana vs. Iowa in Bloomington. Here is a shot I took from last years game at Kinnick. The Hawks won handily last year and gave a chance for players like Jordan Canzeri (33) to come in and mop up in the 4th quarter.

62 days ago, there was heightened anticipation of a new college football season upon us.  Everyone was 0-0.  In fact, Iowa ended up being 1-0 after that first Saturday on a soggy day in Chicago.  With that win, the anticipation of what was to come continued, although after the Hawkeyes Game 1 performance, many Iowa fans began to fear for disappointment.  Even before all of that, I had picked this game today as possibly being a dark day in the Hawks season.  I kinda felt another 7 win season was on its way and I felt the Hawks would beat a couple teams it shouldn’t and lose to a couple teams it shouldn’t.  I figured the Indiana game would be one of those should-not-lose-but-will games.  My reason is simple:  Even when strong Iowa seems to play to its level of competition.  We seem to let those bad teams hang around.  Then somebody on that bad team decides it’s time to make a play and does.  That nearly happened the last time Iowa visited Bloomington.  Who will ever forget Damarlo Belcher’s drop in the end zone on what would’ve been the game winner for the Hoosiers.  Not too long ago, it was that crazy pinball wizard pickoff from Tyler Sash that sparked the Hawks giant comeback against these Hoosiers.

So this year, maybe we’re the bad team that hangs around long enough to win.  It certainly gets more difficult from here.  Northern Illinois let us hang around.  So did Michigan State.  Iowa State almost did, too.

Here are some shots I took of folks I believe need to step it up and put in a strong performance to enable a Hawkeye “W”.  A lot of the shots come from players on the defensive side of the ball.  That D has to show up today like it did in the front end of the season, not the one who has shown up the past 2 weeks.

I think the conversation goes something like this between Jake Rudock and James Vandenburg:
Jake: Dude, you need to look downfield. We’re dinking and dumping, thinking and thumping too much. Find the open guy. The middle is open more often than not.
JVB: Relax. Take notes. I got this. Just don’t talk to me about my footwork in the pocket.


Here’s Nico Law getting the double team treatment from Indiana on special teams last year at Kinnick. I am ready to see Nico break out and be the player we are all hoping he can become. Apparently, he needs to show some consistency or something in practice. He has a hard time staying in the lineup for any long periods of time.

This is Carl Davis. Carl plays on the DL behind Steve Bigach. We need some serious pressure put on that Indian QB today.

Speaking of Steve Bigach, here he is in some pre-game warmups against Penn State at Kinnick. Steve shaved his head this week. Seriously, he did. I hope that makes him mean. By the way, who else chuckled when ESPN Commentator Beth Mowins said “Steve Bigach” during the ESPN telecast last weekend against Northwestern?


Micah, we need you to push this team along. Personally, I was not crazy about your play the first quarter of the season, but you’ve been a spark the past few weeks. Now, light the fire.

Whatever you do, get me the ball. Just get me the ball!


I’d like to see this passion from Coach Ferentz not just to the officials, but towards his team. Recently, the Hawks seem complacent on game day and we need some fire!

We need to be 5-4 (sheesh!) at the end of the afternoon today.  Go Hawks!


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