Not Kirk Ferentz? Who Else Could You Get? Why Bother?

This is a shot of Kirk Ferentz I took prior to Iowa’s game against Indiana at Kinnick in 2011. So, you think you want to coach major college football?

When I started this blog thingie, I told myself I was going to keep it positive.  All I really wanted to do was take some decent pictures and share them with anyone who was interested.  For the most part, that’s what I’ve done.  But, then you realize, it’s more than that.  It gives you a platform to share your thoughts.  And I’m gonna do that and I’m still gonna keep it positive.

Frankly, I’m pretty sick of the mindless Kirk Ferentz bashing.  From the national media who I am certain really have no idea whatsoever of the kind of person Kirk Ferentz is or how he runs his program.  To the “fan” who wants to blast a guy for making a lot of money, or another “fan” who thinks it should be easy to win 9 or 10 games every year for 4 million dollars.  Am I frustrated about the kind of season Iowa is having?  Sure.  I spend good money following this team just like any real “fan” does.  But I try to be realistic.  And I also know I am in complete control of the choices I make now and in the future.

I’ve never played a single down of organized football.  Unless you call backyard football, 3 against 2, organized.  So, I really have no concept of what goes on behind closed doors of a major college football program.  But I do know how teams work.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a sports team, or a business team, or a mission team, the team has to gel to be successful.  You have to get all the egos, all the talents, all the skill gaps aligned in perfect harmony to be successful.  You have to have every team member completely bought in to the vision and every player knowing exactly what he must do to be successful.  Very few sports coaches have had that magic ingredient, that ability to gel consistently, and been able to sustain it year over year.  Here’s what else I know: there isn’t any recent Hawkeye player not named Drew Tate or DJK that would trade anything for their experiences and lessons learned playing for Coach Ferentz.  We’ve heard it from Nate Kaeding, Tyler Sash, Ricky Stanzi, and countless others.

I shot this of Coach Ferentz during pre-game warmups prior to the Central Michigan game.

So, what’s wrong at Iowa?  Why have the Hawkeyes been mediocre at best for the last 3 years?  Why has Kirk Ferentz not been able to sustain the success from the early to mid 2000’s of consistently winning 9 or 10 games?  Why hasn’t Mark Richt at Georgia been able to do the same thing.  Or Jeff Tedford at Cal?  Why couldn’t Nick Saban win at Michigan State as thoroughly as he has at Alabama?  Why can’t Northwestern win a bowl game?  Any bowl game?  I don’t know the answers to any of those questions either.  Sorry.  But in asking them, I am merely pointing out that no one has had that magic ingredient and sustained success from it year over year.  I am certain Nick Saban will have his dark days at Alabama.  Florida had them.  USC did, too.  Georgia has.  Arkansas has.  Nebraska has.  Notre Dame, anyone? Hello, Michigan?  K-State can only win with Bill Snyder.  I am also certain Northwestern will, in fact, win a bowl game in this decade.  I am also comfortable knowing that Iowa will win 9 or 10 games in a season within a year or two.  And then we’ll win 7.  It’s called parity and the law of averages.

Furthermore, we’re in Iowa.  Who else are you seeking as the next football coach at the University of Iowa?  You can’t really think we’re going to get a top-tier coach to walk away from his top-tier team do you? No, at best, you’ll get a guy with Iowa ties that is at a mid major and you’ll go through 4 years of 3 wins a season before things start to look bright.  And that bright star you see is a 7 win season.  Sound familiar?

“Don’t look at me. I don’t have Iowa ties.”

So, to the caller who called into the Kirk Ferentz Radio Show at Carlos O’Kelleys on Wednesday night and said “Who’s QB coach? Vandenberg form is horrible? I sure hope the Cleveland Browns are buzzing your phone, because it’s time for you to go.”  Wow.  Really?  Well, I say it’s time for you to go.  Go find a new hobby.  Go take your remaining season tickets to a homeless shelter and give someone less fortunate and more appreciative a shot.  And, above all else, please don’t renew those tickets next year.  That’s the kind of choices I’m talking about.

C’mon peeps.  Take a deep breath.  Exhale.  Keep that glass at the half full mark.  Brighter days are always ahead.

Go Hawks!


4 thoughts on “Not Kirk Ferentz? Who Else Could You Get? Why Bother?

  1. I do admit I thought Vandenburg would be better than this because how well he played as a freshman when he stepped in for the injured Stanzi. I do agree, however. I’m not against a coordinator change if this continues, but Ferentz is a coach that does things the right way. He is respectable, produces pro-style players, and never has his team in the news for bad things. I hope Iowa can get a solid recruiting class and have some more great seasons.Either way, fans seem to forget about the Orange Bowl win over Georgia Tech three years ago where they were picked to have no chance and then obliterated the Yellow Jackets. Florida State or Miami haven’t been to a BCS bowl in the last three years. Just saying..

  2. Well Put! I get upset but Kirk is a blessing. Need to remind people of Davis-Alford-Licliter-Fran…….that was a long wait for a good BB coach.

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