“Boos” Are Not Just For Halloween: Penn State 38, Iowa 14

24 hour rule?  I doubt it.  This was probably not a game that QB James Vandenberg will forget anytime soon.  This will linger but for all the wrong reasons.  Coach Ferentz went on record saying this week, that despite all the troubles his QB seems to be having this season, JVB is the last thing that he worries about.  Well, if that’s the case, I would hate to see what keeps Kirk awake at night.  It can’t be pretty.  There is no way anyone saw coming the train wreck that is James Vandenberg.  If I’m not mistaken, James threw 39 passes and completed 16 of them for 190 yards, or so.  But, it sure didn’t seem like there were 16 passes completed.  He also threw a pick 6 and, on the very next series, that almost was repeated.  What did seem likely were more boos from the Kinnick crowd aimed at Vandenberg, than were aimed at Penn State.  I have been going to Kinnick for about 20 years, and I never saw Kinnick so empty to start a 4th quarter as it was tonight.  In fact, I left with 10 minutes to play in the 4th quarter, which is a first for me.  Coach, are those the kinds of things that keeps you up at night?

Well, here it goes.  Lets rummage through some shots from my backup lens.  Who knows, maybe I’ll play this one the rest of the season.  Click on any for the full view.

This QB was a former walk-on. This guy came to win. This guy shredded the Iowa defense.

One of these guys has a team of believers and overachievers. The other guy is still searching for his team.


The fireworks ended soon after they began for the Hawkeyes.

Penn State scored on their opening drive and never looked back.

This shot is indicative of the kinds of catches that were made by the WR corps. Here, Kevonte Martin-Manley goes up and around to haul in this off-the-mark Vandenberg pass.

Even “money man” Mike Meyer had his troubles tonight, missing on 2 FG attempts that were well within his range.

Penn State WR makes an amazing catch even though Micah Hyde was stuck on him like glue.


WR Keenan Davis takes advantage of a sparse Hawkeye highlight reel tonight and snares this pass from Vandenberg.


TE CJ Fiedorowicz nearly makes a nice catch, but misses a touchdown opportunity. This play really seemed to deflate the crowd and the game really wasn’t out of reach at this point.

I know, brother. Brighter days have to be ahead, right?


I’l post more soon.  Thank goodness this is not our bye week.  This bad taste has got to go quickly.




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