Key Play: Iowa vs. Minnesota 2012

The play that sealed the deal, or was “the dagger” for the Hawkeyes as they defeated Minnesota was the interception “pick 6” play made by Christian Kirksey to take away any momentum swing the Gophers thought they might have at the time.

Kirksey deflty put himself between the receiver and the QB and made a huge play that sent Kinnick into a Homecoming frenzy.  Here is the sequence of shots I took of the play and the resulting touchdown celebration.

With Minnesota driving efficiently down field into Hawkeye territory, Shortell takes the snap and looks left all the way.


With tight coverage, and the pass thrown to the inside, Kirksey steps in and takes the ball away as James Morris is near the coverage.


With the ball safely in his possession, Kirksey makes the turn…


…and realizes there is a lot of daylight between himself and the end zone.

With Kirksey heading towards the sideline, the QB Shortell shows his speed and gets close to being able to save the play….

Shortell whiffs but knocks Kisksey off balance.

Kirksey regains his balance and continues his run for the end zone as the Gopher defenders lose ground.

With the fans jumping all around me, my view starts to get blocked as Kirksey crosses the goal line for the Pick 6.

Mica Hyde (18) celebrates the play along with Kirksey and other teammates.

Go Hawks!




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