Iowa Football 2012: Under Major Construction

Iowa Football: Under Construction

What an ugly scene.  Not just this scene above.  What about the scene watching Central Michigan skipping around that south end zone celebrating a victory they so deserved..  The one with about 1/4 of the seats remaining open in the student section.

I took the photo above after Iowa’s second fall camp scrimmage held in view of the public.  I blogged about that day.  I remember it well.  I remember thinking that this might be a long season.  As I was walking back to my car from that scrimmage, I went right through all the construction going on near the Iowa Football Complex.  I remember thinking that I should take this shot because I was afraid it would somehow be symbolic to the month of September.  The Hawkeyes used to practice in an indoor bubble facility right near where all this new construction is occurring.  That bubble burst today.  No, not the practice facility.  The Iowa football season bubble burst.  After 4 games, the Hawkeyes are 2-2. A very fortunate 2-2 if you ask me.  Unless your name is Mark Weisman (hello Mr.-217-yards-of-rushing-without-a-victory), there is going to need to be some dramatic improvement if the Hawkeyes hope to reach a bowl game.  So far this season, the defense is getting beat on draw plays at the same rate our national debt increases.

A rebuilding year?  Didn’t that start last year?  Bring your hard hats to Kinnick next week ladies and gentlemen.  Oh, and your own pork might be nice.  I don’t see Floyd appearing any time soon.  That trophy case might also be needing rebuilt.


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