Top Shots Against UNI

Sitting in Kinnick 138 on Saturday, I think I witnessed something not seen much for the past few years – a bona fide pass rush.  I’ve got the pics to prove it.  It became clearly evident in the 4th quarter.  Maybe we’ve seen that young Hawkeye defense grow up a little bit, and hopefully they can keep growing throughout the season.  While the Hawks only registered 1 sack against UNI, they had 2 QB “hurries” officially.  But pressure definitely came in the 4th quarter harder than it had in the first 2 games.  Here are a few shots I took showing Louis Trinca-Pasat having his way with his blocker and Greg Castillo getting some pressure on the QB from the outside.

Louis Trinca-Pasat makes his move around the lineman

Greg Castillo gets a shot on the UNI QB just as the throw is released.

2 pair of eyes are focused on the ball in this play featuring, BJ Lowery (19)

I also got a shot of JVB getting drilled right after hurling the pass that Keenan Davis caught and nearly converted for the touchdown.

QB James Vandenberg takes a shot, but still manages to complete the pass to Keenan Davis.

Keenan nearly works his way into the end zone, but comes up about 3 yards shy.


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