A Pictorial: AIRBHG is Afraid of Mark Weisman

Here is another photo series that I took from the UNI game of Iowa FB Mark Weisman.  This guy does not give up and unleashes hit after hit on anyone that tries to stop him.  I hesitate somewhat posting these, because the photo quality is not that good.  The combination sun and shadows gave me some fits.  Weisman, however, had no trouble accomplishing what he set out to do on this play.

Vandenberg has plenty of time to find Weisman (out of the picture)

Weisman is wide open and makes the catch at about the 20. Defenders finally dial in.

Weisman turns and runs for the open field in front of him.

He sheds the first tackler…


A crowd of tacklers swarm. Weisman lowers his shoulder on No. 20…

No. 28 goes limp as he collides. He is yet to realize he will soon get pancaked by Mr. Weisman in the next series of plays (See Juggernaut 2 post)

Weisman still on his feet, biceps exploding as he squeezes to secure the ball.

Still on his feet as he reaches for the goal line…

Weisman finally hits the ground in a blur just short of the goal line. Not a bad 20 yard gain as AIRBHG takes note.


Perhaps Mark Weisman can be one of those “stories” Kirk Ferentz always says successful Hawkeye teams have, and perhaps this team is no longer suffering from an identity crisis.







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