The “Juggernaut”

Last week I chose a series a pictures to post that didn’t put Hawkeye FB Mark Weisman in the appropriate spotlight, apparently.  Last week, against Iowa State, Iowa receivers accounted for at least 8 dropped passes, most of them in crucial situations.  Weisman had one of those crucial  drops, failing to catch a pass at the goal line that would’ve changed the game where touchdowns were very difficult to come by.

This week against UNI, Weisman left no doubt that he is a gamer.  His team mates call him “juggernaut”.  When he arrived in the game yesterday, AIRBHG (you can google that if you don’t know what this is) was also in attendance, spot on at center field, taking running backs Damon Bullock and Greg Garmon out of the game within a handful of plays of one another.  Weisman took over and provided a huge spark with his massive 245 lb frame hitting every hole in sight and slapping AIRBHG back to the tailgate chatter.

Here is a series of photos I shot from a single play illustrating the kind of day “Weisman for Heisman” had.  Click on any for a full screen view.

Weisman (45) takes the handoff at the UNI 25 yard line and sees his opening.

Contact is made at the 20, as Shumpert (8) tries to block out the lone defender.

Weisman turns No. 4 into a blocking sled, and keeps his legs churning.

Weisman attracts a crowd and keeps pushing.

Finally, the juggernaut is brought down at the 9-yard line.


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