Honorary Captain: Week 1 – Matt Roth

As is customary under the Kirk Ferentz era, a former Hawkeye is named Honorary Captain for each home game.  That individual travels with the team to Kinnick, supposedly gives a pep talk before the game, and participates in the coin toss with the other game day captains.

Certainly, without question, Matt Roth was one of my all-time favorite Hawkeye players.  Matt was a force.  Some would say he was crazy.  He seemed to be in on every play.  Even my wife, when watching a game in which he was playing, would offer up simply, Rrroooooooottthhhhh!!

Matt Roth was drafted by and played several seasons for the Miami Dolphins.  He also had a brief stint with the Cleveland Browns.  He was back last Saturday as the Honorary Captain.  Here are some shots I took of Matt..

Matt Roth waves to the crowd at Kinnick upon being introduced as the Honorary Captain.

Matt Roth arrives with the team to Kinnick and walks through the crowd at the Krause Family Plaza near the Nile Kinnick Statue

Still looks like he could suit up to me. Crazy.

Next up for the Hawkeyes is Northern Iowa at Kinnick.  Former OL Bruce Nelson will be the Honorary Captain on 9/15.  Go Hawks!



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