What Might Have Been: A Photoseries

After browsing through about 200 shots from last Saturday’s game against the Cyclones, in which Iowa lost 9-6, I found a series of shots that are interesting to me.  They show a situation where you could surely ask, “What might’ve been the outcome if the runner went the other way?”  Hindsight is always 20-20.  I’m sure that is the mantra during the coaches and players film reviews every Sunday.  Here is what I captured on a kickoff after an Iowa State field goal that Greg Garmon fielded and returned.

Garmon fields the kick at the goal line. The blockers have their assignments nailed.

Keenan Davis turns his attention upfield as a blocker. Garmon assesses his lane.


This is where it gets interesting. Davis decides he has an assignment to the left. Garmon is looking to break through the gaping hole…

I am sure ball carriers hear their coaches voices in their heads continuously shouting “FOLLOW YOUR BLOCKERS!!!” But, I wonder what could’ve happened if Garmon would’ve stayed in that massive gap. To me it becomes a foot race around No. 4. One good juke move and it’s a go ahead score for the good guys.

Ah, what might’ve been…



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