Iowa “Drops” Game to Iowa State

I took over 200 photos of this Cy-Hawk Series football game between Iowa and Iowa State.  Usually, going through 200 photos of game action is fun.  This time it was not.  I have lots of photos of dropped passes.  You can pick on James Vandenberg for throwing the pick to end the game.  The fact is Knott made a play.  To me, the game was lost on the series to end the 3rd, and begin the 4th quarters.  The Hawks were driving and the momentum had turned in our favor.

The Hawkeyes, in 3rd down and Goal situation, lineup with Mark Weisman as the FB and Damon Bullock as the Tailback.

Mark Weisman, well covered but able to make the play, works to haul in the James Vandenberg pass and looks to give the Hawkeyes the lead.


The pass is dropped setting up a field goal and deflating the momentum swing at a critical point in the game.


Cyclone LB A.J. Klein (42) lets everyone know what was already known – a dropped touchdown play.

I also have some good shots of big plays.  Bg plays that should’ve been converted into an Iowa Hawkeye victory.  CLICK ANY PIC FOR A FULL SIZE VIEW!

Tanner Miller sacks Steele Jantz setting up the Morris pickoff.

James Morris picks off the Jantz pass to give the Hawkeyes offense yet another opportunity to score.


QB Steele Jantz (2) makes the game saving tackle on James Morris after the goal line interception.

It was a beautiful day at Kinnick.  Sunny, 75 degrees.  Perfect.

Once again, for the second week in a row, it was difficult to get into the game.  The offense is not providing you with the feeling that a big play could be right around the corner.  I think Keenan Davis can be that player that everyone hopes he can be.  He really did not suffer from the dropsies as it seems like everyone else did.  We are getting lulled to sleep.  The problem is there just does not seem to be that deep threat, or else JVB is just not looking past the point of the 4 yard pickup.  Damon Bullock is a nice back, but does not seem to want to hit the hole with gusto.  Right now, the fans are lacking that player they can identify with as a face for the team, much like Marvin McNutt was last year, or Adrian Clayborn was in 2009.

Jake Knott is smothered after saving the game, leaping high to tip the pass intended for CJ Fiedorowicz. The final blow.


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