Hawkeye Throwbacks to 1921-22

OK – we flushed the loss to Iowa State.  Now let’s hit some of the other story lines from the 2012 Opener at Kinnick.  This post is about the throwback uniforms the Hawkeyes wore in tribute to the 1921-22 team.  I liked the uniforms, however, for this game against the intra-state rivals, I think I would’ve preferred our traditional wear.  Nonetheless, the uniforms were cool, all the way down to the silver shoes.  Here are some shots I took tat highlight the complete look.


Connor Kornbrath and Nico Law give you the back and front, respectively.

JVB shows off the sparkle in the golden helmet.

I’m not sure how much “throwback” there was in the shoes. However, these were sharp, complete with the lime green shoelace tips.


Keenan Davis is looking sharp in the Throwbacks.

The Swarm, featuring Throwback uniforms saluting the 1921-22 Champion Hawkeyes.




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