Action Shots from Iowa-NIU @ Soldier Field

It was hard to complain about our seat location at Soldier Field.  We were located on the field level, row 13 and right on the aisle of our section from the end zone corner.  It’s really not much different from what we’re typically used to at Kinnick in Section 138.  The only real difference was the angle of slope at Kinnick is sharper than the slope at Soldier Field.  Other than that, the only real problem was that most of the action seemed to be at the opposite end of the field.  But, you know what?  With Isaac’s rain swollen skies bearing down on us just a few miles away, and the fact that my poncho stayed tightly packed in it’s ziploc baggie – I’m not going to complain about anything.  So with that said, here are a few shots I took of some of the relevant action at our end of the field.

As always, click for a full screen view of the details!

Carl Davis is on the bottom recovering a Jordan Lynch fumble.

Carl Davis (71) appears with the recovered fumble setting off a celebratory smile from Micah Hyde (18).

Click any shot!

Anthony Hitchens (31) shows his approval of Carl Davis’ fumble recovery.

Check out the next 2 shots sequence.  Peel your eyes towards the Hawkeye’s LT Brandon Scherff (68).

On this handoff to Bullock (32), look at Scherff’s eyes while he is dialing in his block assignment and keep you eyes on the Umpire in the next shot.

Feel free to Click the shots!

You can feel the impacts from this shot. I don’t know how the umpire did not get pancaked between Scherff (68) and Durante (21) on this play.

The next sequence shows a short pickup on a pass play from Vandenberg to Martin-Manley.

The defense dropped back in coverage on this pass play. JVB had good time to complete this throw.

K2M catches and turns upfield but is unable to elude the tacklers.

A big, crisp view of an upcoming 3rd down play.

Click ’em!

Check out RB Damon Bullock’s (32) eyes in this shot. If you could read his mind it would probably be something like “Yo! Who’s got 36?”


Check back tomorrow for some more shots and a sequence of Damon Bullock’s 23 yard touchdown game winner!

4 days to Kickoff at Kinnick! Go Hawks!



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