More Scenes from Soldier Field


Here are a few more unedited shots I took during game day festivities in and around Soldier Field, as Iowa beat Northern Illinois 18-17. Keeping with the theme of the last photo in the previous post, here are some unusual scenes.

I didn’t know former Hawk QB Ricky Stanzi has a brother….


This couple is shown here during a break in the action. The song they are singing is “Hell’s Bells” by AC/DC. I have to tell you. They. Knew. Every. Word. I could’ve used a little more air guitar, but at this point in the game, this was entertainment at its finest.


The view on the NIU sideline immediately after Damon Bullock’s touchdown scamper.


I tweeted about some large chiseled bodies roaming the NIU sidelines during the pregame warmups. I had a feeling that this was going to be a not-so-typical MAC team.



Even the twin video waterfall thingies in Millennium Park had to unload a heavy sigh of relief on behalf of all Hawkeyenation.



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