Reality Check: 2012 Season Starts in 5 Days

The 2012 Football season is upon us, Hawkeye fans!  In just 5 days, Hawk Nation will travel to Kinnick East, otherwise known as Soldier Field in Chicago to take on the Northern Illinois University Huskies.  The depth chart was released today and 4 true freshman appear in the two-deeps.  A whopping 10 redshirt freshman also appear on the list.  Youth abounds!  While that may prove to be somewhat of an adventure, there is no denying that that youthfulness will turn into healthy experience in 3 years.  Pictured below are some of these newcomers that I shot during the final scrimmage held at Kinnick 2 weeks ago.

Michael Malloy (26) and Greg Garmon (4) listen to Grad. Asst. Special Teams Coach Kelvin Bell during the 2nd Fall Camp scrimmage at Kinnick. Both of these true freshman appear on the depth chart to kick off the 2012 season.  Too bad Coach Bell can’t put on some pads.

Here is a shot of redshirt freshman Jason Hillyer I took as he lined up with the first team during the 2nd Fall Camp Scrimmage.

Here is redshirt freshman Jordan Walsh (65), backup RG to other redshirt freshman Austin Blythe of Williamsburg.

Here is your starting RB, Damon Bullock. Here Damon is listening to Coach Bell with one eye and the other one is surely looking over his shoulder wondering where AIRBHG is.  Surprisingly, at least to me, Damon is listed as the other kick returner opposite Keenan Davis.

So don’t let the counter in the left pane fool you.  That is counting down the days until we can all reconvene in and around Kinnick Stadium.  In the meantime, lets take over Chicago!  See you there!


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