Hawkeye Scrimmage: Things You Like To See

While you can’t see the entire tattoo, I think you can fill in the missing letters. Maybe this should be the 2012 Hawkeye Mantra.

This is meant to be a happy blog post. I am not going to stew and fret over yet another seemingly devastating Hawkeye running back casualty. With that said, Barkley Hill, keep your chin up during your knee rehab. No matter what your situation is, you have a purpose and a responsibility to the team.

No, I am going to focus on happier thoughts and the things I saw at the public scrimmage on Saturday that you would hope to see in a young team hoping to overachieve their way to a conference championship. I saw safari hats worn by several coaches. What does that mean? Are we truly in for an adventure? I saw a lot of very active, passionate dialogue between James Vandenberg, Iowa’s starting QB and his understudies. I saw Ferentz’s all over the place. I am actually a fan of that. Too much of a good thing is not possible, in my opinion. I saw the beginnings of humble camaraderie building between an incoming freshman running back and a beefy offensive line. I saw some hard hitting that was not too friendly – a sure sign of respect being demanded and position battles being realized. I saw effort. After a 3+ hour long practice, conditioning exercises began right in front of the fans. That should give the fans an indication that it’s no picnic to be a football player. I saw players that were noticeably bigger than last year. Welcome back to Iowa City, Nico Law. In just 12 days, we will be able to see what all this means. Here are a few shots I captured on Saturday keeping up with the theme of today.

It’s just about time to line up and play the games. James Vandenberg looking down the line with Jacob Hillyer (17) in at WR with the “ones” on this series.

Here is incoming freshman Jaleel Johnson. Jaleel is a big man on that young defensive line. He is a guy that will undoubtedly make a name for himself soon.

WR Maurice Fleming works to get around Nico Law, who was all over the field. Fleming reminds me a lot of Dexter McCluster of the KC Chiefs.

You like to see Greg Garmon breaking through the line, but you don’t like to see a lot of arm tackling on the defense. Garmon picked up about 7 years on this play, stopped finally by Macon Plewa (42), a freshman LB.

There were many passionate exchanges between JVB and Rudock. Many. Leadership and confidence are a good thing and that was evident here.

More of a good thing…

While I can’t ID these players, this shot demonstrates a good degree of physicality that occurred during the scrimmage.

Nico Law, looking bigger as a second year player, is locking in on his target.

Nico Law is about to introduce himself to Greg Garmon.

Greg Garmon (4) and the OL are enjoying some sideline conversations. It’s good to see the relationship and team building happening firsthand.

James Ferentz (53) listens in with the rest of the OL as brother Brian wraps up his views of the scrimmage.

New OC Greg Davis talks with his group of QBs. All of them have a very youthful look but showed some good signs of skills. From my purely amateur view, Jake Rudock seems to be ahead of Cody Sokol for No. 2.

Coaches wearing safari hats. What does this indicate? We shall see.

We may not see this for awhile. Barkley Hill (3) makes one of his last carries before sustaining a knee injury in the closing moments of the practice.

After a 2-1/2 hour practice, fans are treated to, er, conditioning coach Chris Doyle runs the entire team through conditioning drills. In the things-you-like-to-see department, I DID NOT see any slackers.

After watching over 2 hours of plays, I think this shot may sum it up best: Youthfulness abounds on the 2012 squad. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it may well be an adventure worthy of those safari hats.


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