C’mon Adam! Show the Love! Where Will Kinnick Stadium Be Ranked?

In case you didn’t know, ESPN.com B1G blogger Adam Rittenberg is ranking all 12 of the B1G stadiums, starting with the bottom and moving to the top.  Now, I will be honest.  I cannot seem to find in any of Adam’s recent posts what actually makes up the criteria for the rankings, but after watching some of the video clips getting up to No. 9, it looks like game day atmosphere and overall aesthetics are the weighting factors.

With that said, I find it hard to imagine a place with a better game day atmosphere than our beloved Kinnick Stadium.  I know, I know.  We don’t have that awesome tradition like “Jump Around” between the 3rd and 4th quarters.  We don’t seat 100,000.  But we are loud.  Really loud.  I am sure we will see The Horseshoe at the top spot.  Adam wouldn’t be able to show up in Ohio ever again if that weren’t the case.  But, so far, I am really surprised that Ryan Field did not come in at No. 12.  If there are places worse than that, I don’t want to see them.

But back to Kinnick….Here are some shots I took at Kinnick last year.  C’mon Adam.  Show us some love!

Nile Kinnick Statue in the Krause Family Plaza

Massive banners adorn Kinnick’s brick walls during the season.

The lighted archways add tremendous character to the stadium’s interior.

Can you beat a perfect blue sky on game day? Here the outer wall of the video board shines against the brilliant blue skies of an Iowa autumn day.

Sure, Penn State started the washout trends with the infamous Whiteouts. But, I think this is a much more intimidating view.

Are you kidding me? Enough said!

If this great place is not listed in the top 4, then I need to see them.  I have more great scenes that can be found on a typical Kinnick Stadium game day on this page.


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