9 Weeks and Counting

9 weeks remain until Hawkeye football returns to historic Kinnick Stadium. Of course, there is that season opener in what will surely be called Kinnick East, or better known as Soldier Field in Chicago against Northern Illinois 8 weeks from today.

Many prognosticators have not been too kind to the Hawks for their predictions for the 2012 season. I would say the average prediction has been 8-4. That is probably fair considering the changes to the coaching staff as well as the continuous defection to the NFL for many former Hawks.  Here are a few shots I took last year of some players who will need to make a significant impact.

CJ Fiedorowicz (86) and Brad Rogers (38) are surely getting anxious to return to the Kinnick turf. We will look forward to their production on the Hawkeye offense under new OC Greg Davis.

As we saw in the Spring Game, this guy can hit. I can’t wait to see Nico Law (21) roaming the defensive backfield and making plays.

Kevonte Martin-Manley (11) will come back with a year and an offseason of experience under his belt. K2M is very capable of being the go-to WR as he showed against Pitt in 2011.

Get the grill and Wok ready, Yolanda. We’re going to need you to keep bringing your “A” game, too! I can taste it now!


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