Change is (Still) in the Air

I love Spring.  With the warmth of Spring hitting the Hawkeye State about 2 months early, this has been a long Spring.  Like I said, I love Spring.  So, this should not be taken as though I’m complaining.  But with the never-ending NBA playoffs and the thrill-a-minute- baseball season upon us, who is ready for some football!!??

Its been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post.  This post will be representative of the ever changing landscape of college football and things close to our own hearts with respect to all things Hawkeye.

Changing of the Guard

Here is “The Swarm” prior to kickoff against Michigan State in 2011. This was Senior Day, hence, the Junior underclassman leaders appearing on the front line. Change is in the air. Gone are Marvin McNutt, Jordan Bernstine, Riley Reiff, Broderick Binns, and Shawn Prater. 2012 will belong to James Vandenberg, James Morris, Keenan Davis, and Micah Hyde.

The college football headlines today remind us that NCAA recruiting rules are hard, if not impossible to follow.  And, the landscape of the major conferences are built on “highly volatile tectonic plates”, per commish Jim Delaney.  Ohio State continues their cheating, arrogant ways self reporting over 40 secondary recruiting violations led by new coach Urban Meyer.  The Big 12 hires former Iowa AD Bob Bowlsby as their commish and promptly announce an SEC-Big 12 New Years Day bowl game matching up the two conference champions that will undoubtedly be one of the two legs walking towards a playoff to the National Championship game.  Meanwhile, the ACC and Big East will slowly turn their other cheeks for another swift sucker punch leaving them with the holiday leftovers.

Change at Kinnick in 2014

This is the view we enjoy every Saturday from Kinnick Section 138. With the plans for reseating all season ticket holders, my view and my blog name may have to change.

Changing of the Game (?)

Really?  We are seriously pondering the possibility of eliminating the kickoff?  I know there have been devastating injures resulting from the incredible collisions that occur on kickoffs.  Those are extremely unfortunate situations that can suck the life right out of the game.  But, to me, taking the kickoff away for the sake of reducing the risk of serious injury is like taking the gas pedal out of a car and forcing us to only drive down hill coasting as far as the force of friction will allow us to go.

Soon, we may never see this image again at Kinnick. No, not the awesome Spirit Night stripe-out. It’s the kickoff formation that is at risk of being eliminated.

Seriously, as a Hawkeye fan, can you imagine having all the excitement taken away that this guy brought to the game on kickoffs? Of course we are talking about the one and only Tim Dwight.

I certainly don’t think the kickoff will be eliminated, but it will change and I don’t think any fan will like the result.

Go Hawks!


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