The Look in Their Eyes

I remember watching an NFL game on TV featuring the Chicago Bears during the Mike Singletary years.  John Madden was commentating on the outstanding videography featuring the eyes of Singletary during plays.  His eyes were always W  I  D  E  open.  You could feel his intensity just pouring out of his eye sockets.  For me, sitting in Kinnick 138, its not easy to get those kind of shots.  But here are a few I managed to capture from there and elsewhere.  Oh, by the way, the NFL Draft is just days away….

James Vandenberg looking down the line in complete control

Jordan Lomax giving me an eyeful during some pre game drills before the Pitt game in 2011. I'm looking forward to seeing him show his skills in the defensive backfield for the next several years.

Marvin McNutt's eyes are squarely focused on extending his fingertips. He did make the catch against Pitt, but could not quite stay in bounds.

All eyes are fixated on this pass from JVB. McNutt caught the ball on a key play extending this drive against Michigan. The drive culminated on a superb naked bootleg pass from JVB to Meyer broken down earlier on this blog.

Pat Fitzgerald's eyes have the distinct look of concern. Rightly so, Marcus Coker scored on a powerful run on the very next play.


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