Bullies of the B1G

I love reading Offensive Line Coach Brian Ferentz’s Twitter posts of late.  He is reinstalling and re-engraining the mantra of the Hawkeyes physicality in the minds of fans and, more importantly, in the minds of his players.  Here’s a recent twitter post from Brian –

Back to the field tomorrow! We will continue become a more physical football team each day. #BulliesOfTheB1G

Let’s take a closer look at a few of those returning #bulliesoftheB1G that I was privileged to shoot from historic Kinnick Stadium last season:

Here is Brian's kid brother, James Ferentz, lining up and calling the assignments. Adam Gettis is next to him, who will soon be pancaking opposing defensive linemen in an NFL city near you.

Hawkeye middle linebacker James Morris showing you his focused determination prior to the 2011 Pitt game. Hopefully he is healthy and recovered from the high ankle sprain that slowed him down in 2011.

Keenan Davis, getting his bully on against Northwestern in 2011.

We will certainly need this guy to "bully" up to the bar. Here is De'Andre Johnson, now likely No. 1 RB after Jordan Canzeri went down this spring with a torn ACL.

I don't know this bully, but someone needs to check him for remaining eligibility. We could use him on that young DL. Savvy?


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