“Name That Signal” – Fun with a Single Live Action Photo

There are lots of interesting things going on in this photo. I'll name some and you can help answer a question I'll pose. Click on the photo for a full size view. Don't worry, clicking won't take you anywhere else on the web.

I took this photograph from Kinnick 138 last year.  Obviously, its against Michigan.  By the way…..Hawks win!  So if you forgot what happened let me do a quick recap.  Michigan was staging a pretty fierce comeback and had quite a bit of momentum.  This play was during the final series of the game for Michigan.  This was an incomplete pass from Denard, followed up by another incompletion with very, very clean defensive play.  Right, Michigan?  Anyway, if you divert your focus away from the game action and move it to the sidelines, that’s where the real fun is.  First, look at the crowd.  I remember it being deafeningly loud at that moment.  But those folks on the 20 yard line are all holding their breath.  It could’ve been louder people! Then, I notice Kirk Ferentz’s game face.  Then I notice his bodyguard, or whatever he is called.  You know, Officer Friendly.  Isn’t he supposed to be an impartial bystander, checking the crowd for would-be attackers?  I swear, a lot of the times when Kirk is getting swarmed by media at the end of a game My Bodyguard usually looks like he is going to level someone.  Here, he is the biggest cheerleader in the stadium.  Give him a Herky Helmet, for crying out loud.  Now, look right behind No. 17 in the back row of Hawks.  I think that is Adam Gettis who is too nervous to watch the game.  Ok, I know, I know.  He is just watching on the corner monitor hoping like crazy he is done playing and gonna do the Hokey Pokey pretty soon.  Now, keep panning your eyes to the left.  Way left.  Check out No. 78.  I know who he is, but I’ll protect his identity while he is jumping up and down screaming like a girl with Bieber Fever.  It’s OK, bro.  So were my wife and daughter.

Ok, here’s the fun part.  Here’s the game.  It’s called “Name that Signal”.  Drift back over to Kirk and Phil Parker.  Now, either they knew the game was in the bag and started the Hokey Pokey early by ‘putting your right foot in’ or they are signaling something.  Hit the comments box and chime in with your answer.  And while you’re doing that, I’m going to apply for that Officer Friendly gig.


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