Spring Practice Open!!

Here is a shot of Coach Ferentz I captured during pre game warmups prior to the 2011 Indiana game at Kinnick. I don't think he looks too pleased in this shot, frankly, but he did sound mighty upbeat during the media blitz held Tuesday proclaiming the start of Spring Practice 2012.

I listened and watched the videos from Marc Morehouse at the Gazette of the Kirk Ferentz presser kicking off spring practice.  Usually, when you watch these pressers, its easy to get the feeling that Kirk would rather be just about anywhere else on earth than sitting in that room addressing the standard lines of questions from the media.  However, it seemed different to me this time.  He seemed upbeat, relaxed, and energized.  Maybe with all the change on the coaching staff its not quite so comfortable – but, in a good way.  Maybe its that we got through the winter with no real crises (insert rhabdo case, or any number of legal issues that seem to occur at this time here).  Maybe it was seeing all the former Hawk stars converging on Iowa City during the Pro Day yesterday.  Maybe Brian brought him a new box of Bubble Yum.  Maybe it was that Venti Starbucks concoction that took the place of the standard bottle of water (that does it for me). I don’t know, but it seems refreshing.

Here is a shot of the injured ankle and brace of former RB Mika'il McCall. Hopefully RBs with "former" and "injured" tied to their names are a thing of the past.

There seems to be no real serious injuries lingering, outside of Dominic Alvis and Carl Davis.  There were no new RB defections reported.  Here are some players who need to have tremendous Spring practices…

Kevonte Martin-Manley. Ok, that's a mouthful. Let's start a new nickname for him. How about K2M? Has that been written before? I like it. K2M needs to find that quick start that he had at the beginning of 2011 and have it carry through the entire year. That means he must become a go-to guy and push Keenan Davis to be the best he can possibly be. We need some friendly competition going on between those two guys. (Click for full size photo).

Jordan Canzeri needs to bring it all Spring long and get everyone else to elevate their play to compete for the No. 1 RB. We don't need a running back by committee, but we need talent, depth, and readiness for the inevitable "next man in" mantra. (click for full-size photo)

Jake Rudock: You are a "high ankle sprain" away from the keys to the Hawkeye Kingdom. Be ready. (click it)

And then there’s the Defensive Line.  I don’t even know where to start there.  With Alvis and Davis out for Spring, and incoming freshman just getting fitted for their Senior Proms, I’m not sure who the OL will line up against.  DL has been a perennial strength during the 2000’s.  Let’s hope some newbies surface as we’re used to.


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