Marvin McNutt’s Record Breaking TD


We’ll be hearing and reading a lot about Marvin McNutt in the days and weeks ahead leading up to the NFL Draft.  There are plenty of people who make a living predicting and forecasting where players will land at each respective NFL city.  I am not such a person.  But this blog is all about looking at Hawkeye games from a fan’s perspective.  In particular, my perspective from Section 138 inside Kinnick.

I see no better time than now to show the 21st career touchdown reception Marvin McNutt had in a Hawkeye uniform in 2011.  Why?  Because no one has had more career receiving TDs as a Hawk.  And, no one else caught the view the same as I did.  Go ahead and click on ’em.  Here we go…

Early in the 1st quarter during Homecoming 2011, the Hawks line up at the Indiana 20 yard line. McNutt is line up on the left side and will run a crossing route.

Vandenberg throws across to a wide open McNutt at about the 35 and Marvin sees nothing but daylight. The race is on.

All eyes are on McNutt and his are counting the hashmarks flying by. Marcus Coker ensures no one catches Marvin from behind.

At about the 15, Marvin looks up seemingly catching a glimpse of himself on the video board, blowing wind and leaving all others in the record books behind.

As Marvin crosses the goal line, he hears the deafening noise of the Kinnick crowd raining down upon him. He turns to look for the ensuing celebration about to be laid upon himself by his team mates. TD number 21 has arrived.

Keenan Davis and Brad Herman are all smiles for Marvin's accomplishment. The guy in front of me is severely testing the autofocus of my Nikon D90.

I-O-W-A is being queued.

Lots of backsides here as players start to head back to the sideline. Click the image for a full screen view. See anyone you know?

Marvin gets the congratulatory handshake from Coach Ferentz. I'm sure this was a moment Marvin will remember for the rest of his life. Who knew there would be 2 more TDs from Marvin on this day?



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