Ranks Iowa’s DBs as No. 9 in B1G in 2011

Shaun Prater, shown here in obvious displeasure.

I don’t think anyone would beg to differ that Iowa’s defense did not perform at the typical level of standard that we fans have grown accustomed to.  I did plenty of “face palms” (as my daughter calls it) watching key 3rd downs get converted by the opponents last year.  However, I don’t think I would rank the Hawks DB crew as No. 9 in the Big Ten like Adam Rittenberg of ESPN. com did yesterday.  He has Ohio State ranked No. 7 and Purdue ranked No. 8.  I wouldn’t trade Shaun Prater, Micah Hyde, or Jordan Bernstine for anyone from those teams.  Jordan was the obvious overachiever of the unit in 2011.  He showed up for every single game.

I was a long ways away from this play, but here is BJ Lowery breaking up a touchdown against Indiana in 2011. BJ has room to grow and he'll be fun to watch in 2012.

Prater and Bernstine getting amped before pre-game drills.

Let’s also remember that the DBs were extremely solid in the final moments of the Michigan game, stepping up big to preserve the Hawkeyes victory.  Here are a few shots from that final series.

With Nielsen in hot pursuit, Denard is scrambling and looking for the open man. Hyde has Hemingway stuck like glue, and Bernstine has the middle jammed.

Tanner Miller ensures that pass is incomplete.

Here is how the final play shaped up…

Denard Robinson looks left all the way, stops, and locks onto his target for the final chance at a score.

BJ Lowery comes up with the stop and "In Heaven There is No Beer" is queued. Hey, if I could move the goal post, I would. Nonetheless, Hawks win! Michigan is left crying for a pass interference.


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