I have never taken a photo of new OC Greg Davis, but….

….I have taken photos of great plays that former OC Ken O’Keefe could surprise us with, like shown in the series below.  I can’t recall how many times there was a situation when there was a critical 3rd and 5 and Ken would give us that naked QB bootleg play.  And it surprised everyone.  And it worked.  Here is a series shown from the vantage of Kinnick 138 against Michigan in 2011.  Here we go…

Hawks at the Michigan 45, Vandenberg takes snap, line pulls everyone to the left. James turns and bootlegs to the right and looks downflield....

...and sees the safety valve Keenan Davis open, but finds the sure handed Marvin McNutt....

...who catches the pass and turns upfield for a 15 yard gain.

3 plays later, another bootleg! Line pulls to the left, Vandenberg rolls right....

...and finds Brad Herman all alone for the touchdown. Go Hawks!

Welcome to Iowa, Greg Davis.  We hope your stay is long and prosperous.  Please surprise us all with that QB bootleg from time to time.  The bubble screen?  Not so much.


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