Future Stars: Nico Law

Nico Law during pre game warmups. His Twitter profile says "Athlete, Model, Artist & Poet". That's cool. Hopefully in 2012, it says "Starter".

Some guys, you just know, are going to become great players.  When they get their chance, whether due to graduation, working up through the depth charts, or “next man in”, they seize that opportunity.  Or, they just have that look.  Or the name and notoriety.  Or, they work hard on special teams and, before you know it, they are deserving of the opponents respect and are double teamed all the way down the field on kick coverage.

From our seats in Kinnick 138, we saw it all the time.  Nico Law, kick coverage, smothered with the double team .  That comes with respect.

This was a familiar sight. Nico crashing through the double team on special teams.

Next year, in 2012 when Nico Law gets that first INT, you’ll see it here.  Go Hawks!


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