7 Hawkeyes in the 2012 NFL Combine

Marvin McNutt leads the Hawkeyes onto the field for pre game warmups. Marvin will soon be coming to an NFL city near you.

Its been said many times by many people, but I don’t think it can be overstated enough – the NFL loves the pro-style readiness of the Iowa Hawkeye elite players.  You have to wonder, with all the talent Kirk Ferentz channels to the NFL, why doesn’t the team consistently have Top 10 records?  I just pulled data from ESPN.com that confirms Iowa boasts 38 current NFL players.  In August of 2011, there were 43 former Hawks taking home NFL paychecks.  By comparison, the defending NCAA champs, Alabama has 27, and perennial preseason favorite Oklahoma has 32.  This year, 7 former Hawks have been invited to the NFL Combine.  One of them, Riley Reiff, is just 1 of 3 underclassmen invited.  Here are some shots I took of the 7 in various situations last season.  More on each of these to come, both here and in the news.

Broderick Binns smiles as Mike Daniels adjusts his chin strap after laying some wood against Pitt. Daniels will get lots of looks this week in Indy. I'm surprised Binns was not invited.

Shaun Prater is feeling some beats during pre game drills prior to the Pitt game. Shaun should join a pretty impressive cast of former Hawkeye DBs currently in the NFL.

Riley Reiff going thru the pre game motions. Riley is soon to be the next 1st Round pick from O-Line U.

Tyler Nielsen (45) has Denard Robinson tangled up in the backfield as Michigan tries in vain to mount a comeback in Kinnick in 2011.

Markus Zusevics seals off the inside against his Michigan defender allowing Marcus Coker to run free during this touchdown drive at Kinnick in 2011.

OL Adam Gettis (73) reacting to the tipped pass during Iowa's historical comeback against Pitt in 2011.


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