Welcome Home, Brian Ferentz

I’m really surprised that Brian Ferentz is coming back to Hawkeyeland to coach for his dad.  I really thought that Kirk wouldn’t even consider hiring Brian, just to enable Brian to continue building a name for himself, independently.  Similarly, I kinda figured Brian would not want to build his career in the shadow of his father.  Plus, let’s say you were a hair away from a Super Bowl ring with no real reason to not think you might win it next year, would you leave?  But after reading a few articles in the past few days in the Boston Globe online, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.  It is abundantly clear Brian cherishes the opportunity to be around and work for his dad.  It might even be more clear that he just flat out loves Iowa.  Brian seems like an incredibly hard working and focused man, mature well beyond his 29 years.  I’m excited he is back where he belongs.  Go Hawks!

Here is Brian shown on Hawkvision during the pre game ceremonies. He is also apparently a fan of the bubble gum. Like father, like son.

Brian was Honorary Captain for the Iowa-Indiana game in 2011. Here, Brian is being big brother to the Hawkeyes Kid Captain.

Here, Kirk and Brian sharing a moment during pre-game warm ups prior to the Homecoming matchup against Indiana in 2011.


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