Dear KC Chiefs: Give Ricky a Chance!

Obviously, I am a Hawkeye fan.  What is not so obvious is that I am also a Kansas City Chiefs fan.  When you mix the two, I maybe get a little biased on some things.  As a Chiefs fan, I can’t express enough my excitement when Tony Moeaki was drafted.  When he made that spectacular one-handed catch in the end zone against the 49ers, I was not surprised.  Did I jump off my man cave couch in front of my 52″ plasma and thrust my fists in the air at that moment?  Darn right I did.  But, I had seen those plays before.  I was thrilled when, as a collective group of Chiefs fans, we could all exhale and be somewhat comfortable with the other Tony pursuing his Super Bowl dreams in a Falcon’s uniform.  Then came last year’s NFL draft.  Did that guy just say, “the Kansas City Chiefs select Ricky Stanzi, quarterback from Iowa”?  Yes!  Immediately, in my mind, I recall an image of watching Ricky throw that slant to Marvin McNutt at East Lansing in 2009 to win the game against Sparty on the final play.  In that same image, I see countless crucial completions from Stanzi to Moeaki in other key games.  The 2010 Iowa-Michigan game under the Musco lights at Kinnick had 2 key plays featuring this touchdown tandem.

It took me awhile to get comfortable with Ricky as a Hawkeye.  As a freshman, Ricky was visibly overmatched just standing on the sidelines holding that clipboard.  Jake Christiansen was the starting QB. I remember going to Soldier Field and watching the season opener against Northern Illinois.  If the offense under Jake was anemic, the backup signal callers led by Ricky was anorexic.  I’m not quite sure (you can Google it if you want) what game, but in that same season, Coach Ferentz threw his cards (and likely his pride) on the table and took a chance with him in game.  Ricky was a crowd favorite, but I’m sure it was only because the alternatives were gloom and doom.  And so, the transformation of Ricky began.  And the tradition of winning ensued.  Certainly, the climax of Ricky’s Hawkeye career was in the 2010 Orange Bowl.  While he played his senior season the following year, that’s when we all saw the true Ricky.  The true red, white, and blue Ricky.  (We digress.  Go ahead, check out YouTube for Ricky’s post game Orange Bowl patriotic rant.)

So now Romeo and Scott.  I ask you to please consider the talents, skills, and work ethic of Ricky.  He is a winner.  Give him a shot.  Let him hook it up once again with Tony Moeaki.  And if you want to take Marvin McNutt with that 4th or 5th round pick, you’d get no complaints from me.

I took these photos of Ricky during the pre game of the Iowa-Northwestern clash at Kinnick in 2011. Here, Ricky is engaged in reliving some college glory. I'm sure inside he is chanting "Love it or Leave It! U-S-A! Number 1!"

Ricky Stanzi, on the sideline as a casual observer, spending some time with some fans during the pre-game warm-ups.

Ricky Stanzi came back to Kinnick in 2011 and watched the Hawks beat up on Northwestern under the lights.


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