3 Positions To Fill On The Coaching Staff

I am way out of my realm when it comes to forecasting who will fill the 3 vacancies currently on Iowa’s coaching staff.  As you know, Kirk Ferentz is looking to fill the Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, and Defensive Line positions.  I just read a couple of articles mentioning that a recruit spilled the beans and said he met the new D-Line coach and said it was LeVar Woods.  Another recruit, Jaleel Johnson, posted on his Facebook page that he knows that the DC is going to be Jim Herrmann, the NY Giants linebackers coach of the newly crowned Super Bowl Champs.  That makes some sense, since Kirk said he was not going to make any announcements until Wednesday.  That means the coach can soak in his victory and even take part in the inevitable ticker tape parade in Manhattan before heading to the serenity of midwestern B1G college football.

But, like I said, I won’t even pretend to know who will get the jobs.  I do know a few things, however.  The pictures below are of coaches that I am certain will not be on Iowa’s staff.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but this photo was not taken from Kinnick 138. I decided to run over to to get an empty seat behind the Iowa sideline for the 4th quarter of the Indiana game. Here, Kevin Wilson, is about to get his proper sendoff from Kirk. Kevin might want to think about any of the openings on Kirk's staff. It would have to be better than what he's got in Bloomington.

Here's the UM head honcho. While Brady Hoke was named Coach of the Year in 2011, that shouldn't give him the excuse to mix a navy blue shirt with black pants. He also adds a certain clarity to the phrase "Big Man on Campus"

Mark Dantonio, showing us one of the few angry- faced looks he had to muster for this game at Kinnick. I'd say Mark has a pretty good thing going. Besides, he isn't the healthiest guy roaming the sidelines.

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald giving me the look like, "I had a lot more fun playing Iowa in the rain last year in my dreary stadium, even though the atmosphere here in Kinnick is amazing". I'm pretty sure that is what he was thinking. Or else he knew that on the very next play Marcus Coker was going to run into the end zone from the NW 3 yard line.

Todd Graham, former coach of the Pitt Panthers after he just witnessed the wrong end of the biggest comeback in Hawkeye football history. Todd left his "dream job" at Pitt to take his latest "dream job", head coach of ASU.


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