Former Hawkeyes in Super Bowl XLVI

It is Super Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday to be exact. The New England Patriots are taking on the New York Giants. While this matchup, most likely, does not resonate in the hearts of the typical Iowa resident, there are a few Hawkeye connections. Most notably, the former Hawkeye player with the most to gain might be former center, Brian Ferentz. Brian is now the TE coach of the Patriots and is certainly making a name for himself in his coaching profession. The Patriots arguably have the top tandem of TEs in the NFL – Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Gronkowski’s playing status for the game is in question due to a high ankle sprain. Brian has quite a void to fill if Gronk, as he is known, is out of the mix.

Brian Ferentz served as Honorary Captian for the Hawkeyes during the 2011 Indiana game at Kinnick. He is now TE coach for the New England Patriots.

The Giants also have a former Hawkeye player suiting up for the game. Tyler Sash is in his rookie season and is the heartbeat of the Giants’ special teams. He is an impact player on the defensive side of the special teams. There have been many stories written leading up to todays game about Tyler’s quality of play. It’ss safe to assume Tyler has a good career ahead of him in the NFL. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos that are my property of Tyler. Hopefully he can make it back to Kinnick next year during the Giant’s bye week.

Finally, another former Hawkeye is on the Patriot’s injured reserve – Jeff Tarpinian. Jeff saw limited action this year as a rookie linebacker.

Good luck to all the former Hawkeyes!


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